Sunday, April 5, 2020

Scenario 1: Pandemic

Pandemics that kill a million or more people globally, historically have a 1% chance of occurring every year, but with increased globalization and travel, this is increasing sharply.

While 1% might seem to be a low probability, the severity is high and the cost to be prepared is low.  Most police officers never fire their gun in the line of duty, but still choose to wear a bullet proof vest for this very reason.  The chance of having your home burn down is 0.125% (pandemic risk is 8X), but we still pay a lot of money for insurance.  Why not give this some thought and invest a few hundred dollars for our Beginners List to be better prepared?

Through out history, mother nature has used disease to control Over Population of a species.  Don't wait until it is too late.


  1. How might it happen
  2. What would you hope to have to be prepared
  3. What steps should you take now
  4. What steps should you take if it happened



How might it happen?
With a majority of US medicines foreign made, it would be easy to introduce a slow acting toxin, or biological weapon grade viral infection in the US, possibly through a mandatory vaccine. which can carry risk. Such a virus would be highly contagious, highly fatal, have a long incubation time and be slow acting so a carrier could infect many others before they even knew they had it.  It might also target a specific ethnic or even political group like elderly conservative voters. The attacking country would likely have a vaccine that would protect their people, unless it accidentally escaped, and possibly sell the vaccine at high prices to the rest of the world.

What would you hope to have to be prepared?

From recent Pandemics, we know:
  1. Hand Sanitizer, Chlorine Bleach, Disinfectant wipes, N95 Masks, and yes, even toilet paper were in very short supply, with long lines to get in to stores with empty shelves.
  2. The highest population density cities were hit the hardest 
So we need certain supplies and a remote retreat we can stay at for long periods, with security against looters who may seek to steal our supplies in a dark period of history. 

What steps should you take now?

  1. Start with our Beginner Prepper List and build from there. It has many links (blue text) to more details.
  2. Understand the Rule of 3, and develop a  Step by Step Prepper Plan. to meet your needs.

What steps should you take if it happened?

  1. Proactive steps from preparing ahead are always the best; again let the Rule of 3 guide you.
  2. Know the RED Flag warnings, that it is time to get to a safe place.
  3. Here is our SHTF Day One Plan.
  4. If you will be stuck in the City visit these links:

      5. If you will will be in the Country, visit these links:

     6. Last but not least, study and learn.  Knowledge is FREE, so read up.

The 2020 COVID virus scare was minor compared historical pandemics, yet worse than the Common Flu but as a possible biological weapon from China, the risk was high, and you can see what the results were.  Imagine if millions of Americans died, and critical workers like grocery store, health care and police were dying at alarming rates and then started staying at hope to protect their families.  We would be facing massive Riots and Looting with gangs going door to door robbing the supplies of the weak & unarmed. Only a strong group would have a good chance of withstanding the mass of starving hoards that were scavenging for food.

Don't wait to prepare, Start NOW.

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