Monday, April 13, 2020

Preparing Skeptical Loved Ones

How do you help loved ones who won't prepare for themselves?

Try again. After the Coronavirus (COVID) Pandemic, they are more likely to listen to you now. 

In our Post:  Introducing Prepping to Skeptics, we laid out some good ideas that I'd like to expand on here based on recent events.

Check on these skeptical loved ones periodically during a minor crisis. Demonstrate tactfully how preparing has you ahead of the curve, by helping them a little, but don't make their life too easy or let them think they can always depend on you for everything.  Refuse to provide too much.  For example, provide a few rolls of toilet paper along with a few reusable wash rags.  When their toilet paper runs out, they will have to rough it a bit and use the wash rags.

After the crisis is over, send them a few more supplies, that they are more likely to appreciate now, where as before they may have resented it and thought you were an ignorant fool for prepping.  They don't think that now!  After a Pandemic scare for example, give them some Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Disinfectant wipes, and offer some suggestions on a few other inexpensive things they should consider buying and having handy like a gallon of Bleach.  After any event, you can send them a can or pail of dried beans & rice or other long shelf-life foods.

In the spring, give them a few packages of seeds and suggest they buy a good garden hoe and plant a few vegetables in their flower beds.  A Budget Garden is a good investment that can turn $2 worth of seeds into $200 worth of food.

In the fall, or at Christmas, give them a portable gas cook stove, with two propane bottles, and suggest that they buy a few more bottles.

You have their attention; now is your chance to convert them to being a Prepper.  Just don't go too fast, and back off if they push back.  Come bearing gifts, and its hard for them to get mad at you.

When they are ready, introduce them to our Beginner Prepper List post and help them develop a more comprehensive Prepper Plan that will allow them to advance one step at a time.

Good luck!

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