Sunday, September 23, 2018

Prepper Training Drills

During an emergency, it is easy to become indecisive. Unsure about what to do, people often freeze and do nothing.  Such delays can be life threatening in some cases.  But having rehearsed your plans makes executing them second nature.
It is good to have plans, but we must be able to execute them, and that requires practice. So what are some good training drills to practice?  Anything that you have formal written plans for should be practiced.  In addition to that, here are some suggested Training Drills:
  1.  Bug Out Time - there are Red Flag Warnings that it is bug out time, but will we recognize them and respond in a timely & sensible way?  
  2. SHTF Day One exercise - what do you do the first day you realize things are falling apart?
  3. Home Invasion - Often there is no warning, requiring that you respond quickly and respond. Group Security Drills Country Home Security Plan 
  4. Pandemic Quarantine procedures - don't just let people come and join your group. 
  5. Shooting Skills - Target Practice, especially for beginners.  A .22 Long Rifle or BB gun are the best for beginners and still fun for old timers. 
  6. Group Movement Exercises for your Security Team.  How do you safely move from point A to point B when the SHTF?
  7. Power Outage - practice being out of power for 1 day, 2 days, .... days.  Its ok to leave your refrigerator and freezer running, but turn the breaker off for everything else and practice surviving without electricity.
  8.  Fishing Skills are essential to Wilderness Survival and should be practices frequently.
    Survival Fishing
    3 Odd Techniques for Primitive Fishing
    How to catch your own live bait
  9. Camping - outdoor skills are essential.  Camp out with the family and practice living off the land with only what you can carry in your Survival Back Pack.
  10. First Aid practice is good.  Take Red Cross CPR classes or other such training. 
Beyond this, document and practice your own Prepper plans.

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  1. Really great list of scenarios to prep for! Too many people think prepping is about hoarding canned food in the basement and locking yourself in. A great, level-headed list of things to prepare for. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I would be glad to have you as a guest writer some time.


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