Sunday, September 6, 2020

ICE Fishing for Survival

Alone season 7 demonstrated the importance of survival fishing skills, and in the Arctic region, ice fishing may be the only option for several months of the year.  So here is what you need to know.

Using "Tip Ups" and fishing multiple holes spaced about 10 yards apart will increase your chances.  Primitive Tip Ups (video) are fairly easy to make with a pocket knife and small saw as shown above. 

Multiple interconnecting squares are a good fishing hole pattern to use.  Start with the center 4 holes and then expand to the X shape.  Drill & try just the far hole on the second set, then just the far hole on the third set, then fourth & fifth. Fish these holes with Tip Up's and then drill more holes in the areas that catch the most fish. 


You want a weight at the bottom of the line, and one or more hooks coming off at different depths. The example #2 below (from: shows one hook, but if fishing in deep water, you could use multiple hooks at different depths, although one (1) foot above the bottom or above the vegetation on the bottom is usually the best place to start, as fish stay deep in cold weather. But try a few lines at multiple depths to see what works best.  Bobbing the line up & down about 1 foot can attract fish to your bait.

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