Sunday, December 2, 2018

Prepper Training for Youths

Young children learn rapidly, but are also easily scared.

So what life skills should you teach them to be prepared for a potential economic or societal breakdown, i.e. the proverbial SHTF scenario?

Here is a list to consider:
  1. Gardening - the most valuable skill for sustainability.  Let them plant their own seeds.
  2. Livestock - Raising "Pet" chickens is a valuable skill for sustainable living. Let your kids check for eggs & see chicks hatch.  Raising pet goats is a most valuable skill for Nomadic living. 
  3. Fishing - probably the most valuable skill for living in the wild.
  4. Horse Back Riding - is fun and a useful skill as a form of sustainable Transportation.
  5. Camping - cooking & sleeping outside in various environments without fear is essential.
  6. Water - Safe drinking water is critical to survival.  See the Rule of 3.
  7. EDC Survival - Surviving with your Every Day Carry (EDC) items. 
  8. Shooting - starting with Gun Safety, followed with shooting a BB Gun at a young age. 
  9. Archery - a fun sport and precursor to hunting.  
  10. Build your own bow and arrows as well as using modern ones.
  11. Paint Ball or Laser tag - a fun way to learn military drills and security skills.  
  12. Fire Making - a key skill to teach with caution as they become Teens.
  13. Wilderness Survival - Knowledge is free and light weight vs a heavy pack of supplies.
  14. Hunting - a key skill to learn as Teens but mental preparation to kill an animal is important.
  15. Edible Wild Plants - another good skill for Teens, especially the Universal Edibility Test.
There is so much you can teach your children starting as young as 6 to 8  years old. The most important thing is to make learning fun, where they are looking forward to it.  If some of these prove to be boring, move on to another one.  Avoid talking about dooms day or situations that will scare them; just have fun learning valuable skills.

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