Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The end of Free America

The US Government in its current form is almost 250 years old while the average government age of all the countries in the world is about 150 years old.  Many countries have been over thrown and gone through several different governments during this same time.

So for thousands of years, governments have risen up and countries have fallen. How could this possibly happen to the USA?

Suppose we elected a charismatic President of the United States that was secretly a Muslim Manchurian Candidate, with the intention of covertly destroying the US.

During his time in office, he does the following:
  1. Adds trillions of dollars to the national debt.
  2. Put expensive government programs in place (Affordable Care Act) to help break the US.
  3. Slowly allows thousands of military-aged Muslim male immigrants into the US that were not fully checked out. 
  4. Appoints Muslim colleagues to key government positions in the military, homeland security and NSA.
  5. Release multiple Muslim terrorists
  6. Give Iran, the largest supporter of terrorism and a country with some of the largest oil reserves and no need for nuclear power, a $150 Billion dollars, while they are developing "nuclear power" and launching missiles in violation of trade sanctions.
  7. Makes huge purchases of personal protection ammo (not target practice rounds) that are unprecedented in history.
  8. Stage military martial law drills in potentially hostile states (Jade Helm 15)
  9. Have the Pentagon prepare for mass civil unrest
  10. Over the years, police departments around the country get armed with armored vehicles, riot gear and machine-guns with high capacity magazines.  Then you decide that you many not be able to control all the local police departments and move to disarm them by stopping sales of excess military equipment to local and state police.
  11. The government buying up massive amounts of emergency food.
  12. You appoint a liberal "big government" Supreme Court Justice.  This is the single most harmful thing that can be done.
Once all this is in place, the president's Muslim organization commit terrorist attacks on early voting locations and then declare martial law and  "temporarily" suspend elections until it is safe.  This will drag on indefinitely or more accurately for ever.  This happened in Germany when Hitler, an elected leader, took over as a Dictator with the Reichstag Fire Decree, a response to a staged terrorist attack (like 911?).

The NSA has the address of everyone ordering guns or ammo and posting stuff on Facebook.  These unfortunate people will be the victims of night-time violence and disappear during the night like Hitler's opposition did with his feared SS.  They will take us down one at a time until there is no one brave enough to speak out.

An alternative, is to stage his own death at the hands of a white redneck live on TV and his last words are "rise up black brothers ... avenge my death"..... This country will erupt in to race violence like never before.  With 97% of the black voters voting for a Black President while about 50% of the whites voted for him and 50% voted against him (an even distribution), what does that tell you about racism?

Since the beginning of time, people have been predicting doom, the sky is falling... that never comes.  At the same time, people have been ignoring risks like Hitler and end up being caught by surprise. 

The Native Americans could have defeated the white man IF they had united and struck soon enough.  Instead, they waited and waited until the resistance was eliminated one by one.  When they finally recognized the seriousness of the threat.... it was too late.

So it doesn't hurt to take a few precautions, but what?  We must decide now that we will refuse to suspend or delay elections; if this is enforced, we must rise up in masses and vote anyway.

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