Sunday, February 7, 2016

US Poverty from a global perspective

Despite the oppressive Political Correctness disease that is sweeping our country (led by the main stream media), we are still blessed to live in a time of such abundance. Never in history has even royalty had the luxuries that most of us have today. Even Americans that live in so-called “Poverty” are well above the world’s average income level.

The worldwide median income is about $9,733 per household according to
or $808 per month.  The US Poverty level is $24,250 for a family of 4 according to which is $2020 per month.  In addition, they get earned income credit, food stamps, health care benefits and more, worth an estimated $1,000 per month.  So Americans in poverty live over 3 times better than the average citizen of the planet earth.  According to Euro News, 48% of the worlds wealth belongs to 1% of the population, which includes Americans in Poverty.

According to the Global Rich List,  ....a family of five living just above the poverty line in the US is actually “the one percent” compared to the rest of the world.

But as the planet becomes more globalized and socialized, the lower income citizens pay will increase and the higher ones like the US will decrease, moving closer to global parity. Countries with bigger governments and less capitalism will have lower than average life styles.

So for now, we should give thanks and protect our country.  While charity is good, we would not borrow money to provide for strangers, when our own children have needs.  This is what our country is doing when we bring in unskilled immigrants and let them get on welfare, food stamps and free health care.

How do we fix poverty?  We don't, it has been with us since the beginning of mankind and it will be with us from now on.  What we can fix however is insuring that everyone has an opportunity to get ahead by providing a better education that includes trades like construction, auto mechanics, plumbing, electrical, computer repair & programming and much more. Not everyone is going to be a doctor, lawyer or teacher, so we must train them so that a high school diploma means they have skills that will help them raise a family and send their kids to college.

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