Sunday, January 1, 2017

5 C's of Survival

Like the Rule of 3, the 5 C's of Survival is a tool to help you organize your thinking process.  This is particularly important in a Survival Situation because your decision making ability is impaired as you become tired, dehydrated and hungry.  

The five (5) C's include the following:
  1. Cutting tool - Knife
  2. Combustion - Fire
  3. Cover - Shelter
  4. Container - boil water
  5. Cordage- multiple uses
Dave Canterbury of Dual Survival introduced this in Dual Survival - "After the Storm," aired in August 13, 2010. I like to imagine a picture of a camp fire, in front of my tarp shelter, with a small pot suspended over it by paracord as I cut food for the pot. Regardless of how you remember, these are some minimal needs for wilderness survival. Our Wilderness Survival Pack video below shows a lot more to consider as does the Deserted Island Survival link.

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