Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bug Out Warning

We hear a lot about Bugging Out, but we need to think about this from another perspective, Bugging In, or already being at our Bug Out location (BOL).

About 50% of the world’s population lives within 100 miles of the coast making the population density there about 6X the rest of the world. In a serious Event, we will see hoards of people migrating out of the cities very quickly as water and supplies run out. Historically mass migrations have not gone well and this will be no exception. 

The worst devastation will start in the coastal cities with riots, looting and home invasions quickly moving inland. Know the Red Flag warnings its time to bug out and getting out early will be important. Limited gas will give the masses a few hundred miles jump-start, and then they will be on foot foraging.  With a pack of supplies, people can travel about 10 to 20 miles per day on foot.

Untreated water will get many of them but this horde will start reaching most areas in a week to 10 days. The full force will arrive around 2-3 weeks. Having exhausted food supplies the first week or two, they will be desperate for something to feed their children. Hunters from the city will pursue the limited supply of wild game in the woods but they will soon be scarce if not already by this time.  Foraging for edible plants will be one of the last resources, but one that might sustain them for a long time.  Wild foods like Hackberries or Chickweed, Cat Tails, Cat or Green Briar Roots and Dandelion leaves.

Traveling together, they will form large loosely organized groups of dozens if not hundreds of people with several leaders. There will be a few unscrupulous street Gangs that are initially smaller but already highly organized due to having a clear disciplined leadership structure. Both groups will represent serious threats, especially to unorganized residents, making it very important that we have group security in place that is mentally tough.

The real difficulty will be in making the tough decisions to protect your group and have everyone agree to support it. Do we share and potentially deplete our limited food supplies or hoard them all to ourselves? Once you share, word will get around and a hungry mob may soon be kicking in your door. Discussing this ahead of time and reaching an agreement will be the key.

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