Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Best Prepper Movies

What are the best Prepper movies or shows? Here is a list but I would love to get your vote and suggestions as a comment to this post on which is the best to show us what we might face and/or how we can be better prepared.
Most of these are rated 4 stars or better.

  1. History Channel: After Armageddon
  2. History Channel: Day after Disaster
  3. Contagion- Good time line to show how fast things can melt down.
  4. The Walking Dead - The number one TV Drama Series ever.
  5. The Book of Eli - Good example of life 30 years after a nuclear war.
  6. Revolution (TV Series)
  7. Falling Skies
  8. Red Dawn
  9. I am Legend
  10. Dooms Day Preppers (series)
  11. Independence Day
  12. The Terminator
  13. The Day After Tomorrow
  14. Outbreak
  15. History Channel: Electronic Armageddon 
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